Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Take Care in Tanking Up on Energy Funds

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Take Care in Tanking Up on Energy Funds

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What a difference a weekend can make. At the end of June, before revelers began celebrating the July 4 holiday period, mutual-fund watcher Scott Cooley would have expected continued strong market performance from international oil firms such as Texaco, Exxon- Mobil, or BP Amoco.

But by the end of last week, after the holiday, the energy market - and oil stocks - suddenly looked quite different, thanks to a decision by just one country: Saudi Arabia.

Last Monday, officials of the No. 1 oil-producing nation hinted that they might boost crude-oil production to bring down oil prices from the $30 a barrel range to the $25 range. Whether the Saudis' actually follow through on their promise or not, the impact was immediate: Crude-oil futures (which reflect contracts on future deliveries) dropped nearly $2.

The change in the price outlook underscores the complexity of the entire natural-resources/energy segment of the stock market, says Mr. Cooley, an analyst for Morningstar Inc., in Chicago.

To take advantage of market gains in natural-resources stocks, you have to be in the exact right place at the exact right time, says Cooley. That means if oil prices suddenly rise, you have to have a presence in the commodity. Conversely, if oil prices suddenly sag, you have to make certain that you are not overexposed.

"Average investors should have a small stake of around 5 percent of their overall portfolio in natural-resource stocks," says Cooley. "But the best way to do that," he says, "is to own a broad-based natural resources/energy fund - or have very tiny positions in two or three funds that capture a theme, such as oil exploration, oil- service firms, and refining companies."

Funds Cooley admires include T. Rowe Price's New Era Fund, a no- load fund, and Oppenheimer Real Asset Fund, which carries a load of 5. …

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