Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Window Washing ; Bringing a Spiritual Perspective to Daily Life

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Window Washing ; Bringing a Spiritual Perspective to Daily Life

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Some people will give you a joking response when they don't want to help you with something. Quoting a line from an old window cleaner commercial, they'll smile and say apologetically, "I don't do windows."

That phrase was making the rounds in our home when the sliding glass doors were dirty. We kept putting off cleaning them. Finally, we resolved to do it together.

On the next sunny, warm day, we went outside and did windows. But to our surprise, the glass looked just as dirty as before. That's because, as we found, the excessive dirt had been on the inside the whole time.

Aha! A moral lesson. For months we had been thinking that the problem was outside. And that reminded me of how often I've put off solving problems in my life because they seem outside my control or influence. Or maybe I've felt a problem belonged to someone else because it was the result of his or her own words or actions or character flaws.

A problem might even seem outside of God's control. But the Bible teaches us otherwise. The fact is, we're responsible for our own thinking and acting. And prayer is always a viable option. Genuinely turning to God for help is what gives us all the ability to solve problems.

Sometimes it's a daily, minute-to-minute job to keep turning to God. But it becomes easier when you hold on to the idea that He is all-powerful, infinite, and good - and when you accept that you are His reflection. That He made you good.

God loves each one of us, unconditionally. The power of God will help us, right here on earth, to conquer bad traits, remorse, illness, financial burden, or tragedy. Even when a problem has gone on for a long time, we can keep trusting God and find that prayer leads us to a solution. The answer is never ultimately "out there." It always lies within our own thinking, as we let in the understanding God gives.

I had to trust like that at my new job. A co-worker and I were at odds with each other. She was the kind of person I had never gotten along well with. …

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