Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Steps toward Peace in Sudan

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Steps toward Peace in Sudan

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Thanks for highlighting the dreadful abduction of women and children as slaves in Sudan ("In Sudan, childhoods of slavery," Aug. 22). To stop Khartoum's tolerance of slavery, air attacks on civilian and relief-agency targets, use of food as a weapon, and other genocidal actions, the outside world must support the peace process and take steps to end the war. My commission has recommended actions the US government should take toward that goal, including:

1. Begin a 12-month plan to pressure Sudan's government to improve human rights. If there is not measurable improvement in religious freedom at the end of that period, the US should be prepared to provide nonlethal and humanitarian aid to appropriate opposition groups.

2. Earmark more humanitarian aid for public works in southern Sudan.

3. Work toward a "military no-fly zone" over Sudan using peaceful means.

4. Prohibit any foreign corporation from seeking to obtain capital in the US market as long as it is participating in Sudanese oil-field development.

Elliott Abrams Washington Chairman, US Commission on International Religious Freedom

Linking Clinton to Lieberman? Nice try

I do not get the point of Godfrey Sperling's Sept. 12 column ("A calculated risk?"), regarding the Democratic presidential and vice- presidential candidates, other than to possibly influence voters away from Al Gore.

The column appears to be an attempt to cast a shadow on Gore's highly popular selection of Senator Lieberman, by speculatively linking it (and Lieberman!) to President Clinton - as though taking some advice from a two-time presidential winner implies a "sleaze factor." Taking good advice would be a positive quality in a president. In view of Governor Bush's not-so-popular selection of Dick Cheney, Mr. Sperling may be feeling a bit sour over Gore's strength in the polls.

By the way, this letter came from someone who's planning to vote for Bush!

John J. Noffo Newport, R.I.

Junior tennis is strong

Thanks for your Sept. …

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