Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Readers Write

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Can Israel learn from Gandhi?

David D. Newsom's Dec. 5 opinion piece, "Imagine a peaceful wave of humanity in Israel," suggests that a nonviolent Palestinian peace march in the manner of Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. may be the only possibility for eventual peace in Palestine/ Israel.

He has written a fair appraisal of the possible Israeli response to such an undertaking, which could, indeed, be as brutal as it was to the nonviolent Beit Sahour tax resistance a decade ago.

Rather than put the onus on the Palestinians to again try nonviolence and therefore risk further human sacrifice, it would be more in keeping with Gandhi's philosophy for the Israelis to choose the way of nonviolence in Palestine.

Taking this path would earn them the respect of the world.

Donna Joss Sterling, Mass.

Learning begins at home

Regarding your interview with former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (" ... and supporters, naysayers need to think creatively," Dec. 19): You can throw all the money you want at schools, but you will not improve the results.

By the time students enter school their perception of learning has already been imprinted in their mores, and these habits are very hard to change.

Vouchers or any other plan will not work until the parents change their idea of what schools are for, and prepare students for school. Only addressing the source of the problem will change the problem.

Having been an instructor in the Navy, I know how hard it is to teach a person who does not have the drive to learn. Having two daughters who teach kindergarten and first grade, I hear of this problem all the time.

Hank Heard Sonora, Calif.

Teenage wrestling a fantasy

Regarding your Dec. 19 article "Savage 'fun' with body slams and barbed wire" about backyard wrestling leagues for teenagers: These wannabe wrestlers need to know that those steroid-heroes from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) would not stand a chance with real martial-arts pros. …

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