Presidential Candidates on the Issues ; the Three Leading Candidates' Stands on 12 Key Subjects. Today: Second of Two Parts

Article excerpt

GEORGE W. BUSH (R) Governor of Texas


Provide $1.3 trillion in tax relief over 10 years. Cut all income- tax rates. Abolish estate tax. Double the child tax credit. Expand charitable deductions. Keep Internet sales tax-free through 2006.

Foreign Policy

Work with allies to deal with the "challenges" of China and Russia. Favors China's entry into World Trade Organization. Opposes Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, but would keep nuclear-test moratorium. For free trade, including a new hemisphere-wide deal.


Develop and deploy missile defense, while reducing the number of US nuclear arms. Focus military on ability to win wars. Shift toward new-generation weaponry.

Crime and Guns

Protect constitutional gun rights. Background checks at gun shows if they are instant. Raise to 21 the minimum age to buy a handgun. Strictly enforce US gun laws. Overall crime policy: tough enforcement; coordinated national and local policing. Supports death penalty.

Civil Rights

No racial preferences; favors "affirma-tive access" (e.g., admit top performers of each high school class to college). No civil union for homosexuals. Keep "don't ask, don't tell" policy in military.

Environment and Energy

Prefers market-based incentives for pollution prevention and cleanup; shift some environmental authority to states and cities. Open part of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration. Invest in "clean coal" technologies.

Campaign Reform

Ban corporate and union "soft money" contributions to political parties. Allow "issue ads" by advocacy groups. Favors "paycheck protection" law to give union members a say in political use of dues.

AL GORE (D) Vice president


Add some $500 billion in tax credits over 10 years for earned income, child care, healthcare, education. Exempt more small businesses and family farms from estate tax. Keep Internet tax- free.

Foreign Policy

Deepen alliances and engage "former enemies," including China and Russia. Supports China's entry in WTO. Combat emerging threats: ecological disruption, epidemics, drugs. For Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. For free trade - with protection for environment and labor.


Develop missile defense, but deployment depends on impact on arms control and overall security. More open to peacekeeping and humanitarian missions abroad.

Crime and Guns

Step up gun control without affecting sporting uses. Mandate three-day wait and photo ID for handgun purchases. Ban cheap handguns. Do background checks at gun shows. …


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