Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Bilingual Education Works in Europe

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Bilingual Education Works in Europe

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Apparently the editor who wrote the headline "Bilingual education: A Berlin wall for Turkish children" (Dec. 21) did not understand much of the actual article. The headline strongly implies that bilingual education for Turkish-speaking children in Germany doesn't work, but later in the article it states that only 1 percent of Turkish children are actually in bilingual education in Germany and "there are few statistics" to back up the claims of critics.

I have reviewed the results of European studies of bilingual education in my book, "Condemned without a trial: Bogus arguments against bilingual education" (Heinemann, 1999). These studies include Turkish children as well as immigrant children from other countries who live in Europe and participate in bilingual programs. The results consistently show that those in bilingual programs acquire the language of the host country as well as, and usually better than, children in "immersion" programs.

Stephen Krashen Los Angeles Professor of Education University of Southern California

I'll leave my decorations up, thank you

I was somewhat disturbed to realize that your Dec. 27 "Neighbor to Neighbor" column seems to be suggesting that President-elect Bush designate a national day to remove our Christmas decorations. Not only would that be a problem for the "We left our Christmas wreath up until Easter" contest which is undertaken here each year, but the date the column suggests, namely New Year's Day, is right smack in the middle of the 12-day celebration that is Christmas.

Difficult as this may be, some people actually want to leave decorations up until Twelfth Night which is, after all, the end of the Christmas season. On the other hand, most people who do choose to decorate until Jan. 6 often do not put anything up until a week before Christmas. As a result of decorating at what many would consider a late date, I must admit that I am always shocked when I see Christmas trees placed on the curb on Dec. …

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