Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Keep Snowmobiles out of Yellowstone

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Keep Snowmobiles out of Yellowstone

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Regarding your Feb. 21 article "Snowmobile buzz echoes in White House": I would implore President Bush to urgently consider leaving the snowmobile ban in place to help preserve the serenity of the Yellowstone National Park, and keep it free from unnecessary noise and pollutants.

Rather than contribute to the beauty of the park, snowmobilers detract in a very detrimental way, with little or no concern for their surroundings, or what effect their presence has on the wildlife.

This isn't an issue of guaranteeing entry to public lands. It's about drawing the line when a group's activity collides with and undermines the well- being of what has been preserved and set aside for the enrichment and enjoyment of the public as a whole.

Because of its negative impact, let snowmobiling be limited to areas outside Yellowstone and our sacred national parks.

Arden Smith Newport Beach, Calif.

Believing in the quality behind brands

Your March 2 editorial "Belief Brands" speaks to the potential and possible dark side of our faith in branded products.

Your last sentence asks how anyone can find truth in a Porsche or love in a Rolex. I bought both when I was in the Navy bomb disposal teams. That was a job that encouraged precision and discipline, and I found those qualities in the car and watch.

In fact, I still wear the Rolex. The people who designed and manufactured it expressed truth, life, and love in abundance. I appreciate the faithful, dependable, reliable, and accurate performance of their tasks, and these continue to bless me long after that day on R&R in Hong Kong when I acquired one more (branded) thing.

Steve Wells Olympia, Wash.

Revisionist Mideast history refreshing

Thank you for your March 1 article "Sharon takes Mideast conflict back to history books." Much of what is coming out from revisionist and post-Zionist academic historians does not make it to the world press. So it is a refreshing change to see this topic in your paper. …

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