Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

WHAT'S Being Read around the World International Bestsellers

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

WHAT'S Being Read around the World International Bestsellers

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It's not just McDonald's hamburgers in Prague. The effects of globalization are obvious in these lists of bestselling nonfiction from around the world: Indians are crazy about Alan Greenspan; Brazilians can't get enough of the Dalai Lama; and Germans want Dale Carnegie's popularity.


HISTORY OF A GERMAN, by Sebastian Haffner (DVA).

An eloquent and absorbing memoir by one of postwar Germany's most influential political and historical writers, spanning the tense decades between World Wars I and II.

THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY, by Norman G. Finkelstein (Piper)

In this controversial - and, some say, anti-Semitic - new study, City University of New York professor Norman Finkelstein argues that some who demand financial reparations for the Holocaust's atrocities are exploiting its memory.

CULTURE, by Dietrich Schwanitz (Eichborn)

Schwanitz, a high school teacher, takes a witty (but rather lengthy) look at what he sees as the cultural illiteracy of young Germans.

THE STOCKMARKET SWINDLE, by Guenter Ogger (Bertelsmann)

Ogger writes a detailed and candid examination of the "Golden Goose," better known as the stock market.

GENERATION GOLF, by Florian Illies (Argon)

This is a sumptuous (and probably presumptuous) encyclopedia of the ups and downs of German culture over the last 30 years.

THE STRENGTH OF FREEDOM, by Hans-Olaf Henkel (Econ)

Henkel, an executive manager at IBM for 30 years, discusses his career, his memories of Germany in the '50s and '60s, and his involvement in the country's economic and political life.

PRUSSIA'S LOUISE, by Guenter de Bruyn (Siedler)

A biography of a charismatic monarch - the mother of the first German Kaiser, Wilhelm I - and an exploration of how her early death and the fall of Prussia in 1918 made her a legend.

DON'T WORRY, LIVE! by Dale Carnegie (Scherz)

The man who taught Americans how to win friends and influence people tackles the nagging problem of worry.

THE WAY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM, by Bodo Schaefer (Campus)

Schaefer offers advice about how to find financial security - and make millions in the process - through increased self-discipline and self-trust.

MY DIARY, by Helmut Kohl (Droemer)

Former German President Helmut Kohl defends himself against what he believes was a conspiracy to force him out of office in disgrace. He takes no responsibility for his notorious donations scandal.


THE ART OF HAPPINESS, by Dalai Lama (Martins Fontes)

Psychiatrist Howard Cutler poses enduring spiritual conundrums about love, death, and suffering to Nobel laureate and spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, during an extended series of interviews.

THE BOOK OF WISDOM, by Dalai Lama (Martins Fontes)

With humor and down-to-earth advice, one of the world's most popular spiritual leaders offers insights about how to bring more wisdom, understanding, and compassion to everyday life.

CARANDIRU STATION, by Drauzio Varella (Cia das Letras)

This moving memoir chronicles a physician's experiences volunteering in Carandiru, Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest correctional facility, doing AIDS prevention work.

THE FANTASTIC HISTORY OF SILVIO SANTOS, by Arlindo Silva (Editora Do Brasil)

Written as a novel, this biography chronicles the life of a Brazilian businessman from a low-income-family upbringing to financial success.

THE WAY OF TRANQUILITY, by Dalai Lama (Sextante)

The Dalai Lama compiled this collection of daily quotations from his own and others' writings about inner tranquility, which he believes is the key to happiness.

THE GOLDEN BOOK OF MYTHOLOGY, by Thomas Bulfinch (Ediouro)

A new edition of Thomas Bulfinch's classic retellings of famous myths and folk legends, accompanied by interpretive essays. …

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