Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Why cocaine and not marijuana?

You guys should be embarrassed! In your May 16 editorial "The Marijuana Ruling," you wrote: "Theoretically, a medical rationale might be found for more addictive substances, like cocaine or heroin."

Cocaine is already legally prescribable by doctors and dentists as a Schedule II controlled substance and has been for many decades. The same thing with highly addictive opiates like morphine and codeine.

Why, you might ask, can cocaine be legally prescribed and not marijuana? Ask your federal government that question.

Patricia Schwarz Pasadena, Calif.

PBS no refuge from ads

In your May 4 article "PBS faces up to the competition," you state: "PBS doesn't interrupt its shows with commercials...."

This claim is simply false. As any regular viewer knows, PBS does in fact interrupt its longer programs - especially Ken Burns documentaries - with commercials. Incredibly, many of these annoying commercials are for PBS itself, or PBS programs, and are shown during commercial breaks that last longer than those on other networks.

During pledge weeks, the PBS program schedule is disrupted, and regular programming is replaced by infomercials and pledge specials designed with breaks for pitching - perhaps one reason conservative syndicated columnist Brent Bozell dubbed PBS "the Home Shopping Network for liberals."

Laurence Jarvik Washington

The roots of anger in Gaza

Your recent news stories of destruction in Gaza reminded me of a day in May 1993 when Rose, an Australian volunteer with the Near East Council of Churches, invited me to go with her to Gaza to deliver supplies to a school and a hospital. But first, Rose wanted to call on a family she knew in a refugee camp. When we arrived at the house, the door had been kicked in. Inside, the place was trashed. A woman was wielding a broom in fury. Two soldiers had kicked in the door while a third leaped over the roof into the tiny courtyard. …

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