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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Moving toward a better balance with wildlife

"Life with wildlife" (May 23, Editorial) makes many valid points. People must understand and respect wild animals that have returned to their former haunts. Populations do increase rapidly when checks - whether natural or man-made - no longer operate. Certainly your concern for the welfare of schoolchildren is well taken, but I do hope that the pendulum is not swinging toward forcing wildlife out of "human" territory.

My own urban backyard was honored by a visit from a young black bear in 1999. It was one of a group of bears foraging the nearby wooded hills. This welcome guest spent upward of three hours on our lawn munching acorns from two ancient oaks. An off-duty state environmental police officer, unfortunately, saw fit to shoot the bear soon after she left our premises. A few months later, two moose in a nearby neighborhood experienced a similar fate. Surely, such situations ought to be handled far more humanely and intelligently than these. Edmund A. Schofield Worcester, Mass.

Take care of domestic needs first

Regarding "Where septic tanks are unaffordable luxuries" (May 24): Can we honestly say that our government has its priorities set on its own people when the amount it spends on one or two bombs it drops on Afghanistan could pay for the very sewage system the poor in Lowndes County, Ala. are jailed for being unable to afford? It's good to hear that running water was installed there, but it is time for our government to help the community install a healthy sewage system as well - not only for the community members but for the environment as well. Gary Sanderson Rochester, N.Y.

Why Syria hates Israel

Regarding "In US 'war on terror,' Syria is foe - and friend" (May 14): Your article on US-Syrian relations failed to explain why Syria hates Israel. As former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan once said in an interview, not only did Israel seize Syria's Golan Heights in 1967 because of its rich farmlands, but he felt keeping it would be an obstacle to peace. …

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