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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Media bias: Is it really liberal?

Regarding: "A call to the right" (July 25): I am disappointed in the Monitor for your story on the conservatives in the media. The entire tone of the article implied that somehow conservatives are in the minority in the media, a blatant falsehood. These days it is virtually impossible to find any liberal or progressive voices in either print media or broadcast media.

All their protestations to the contrary, folks like Ann Coulter - who think it's a good idea for Muslim countries to be invaded and their citizens turned into Christians - and Rush Limbaugh, whose diatribes are hardly about "truth," are not journalists to begin with, but commentators with agendas. Tucker Carlson may be at least moderately civil in his comments but, again, is an ideologue with an agenda.

The media in general seem no longer interested in reporting but rather in cheerleading. "Fair and balanced" is at best subjective and at worst simply a phrase meant to deflect criticism. Tom Elliot Guffey, Colo.

I'm writing to applaud your thoughtful and nuanced article on conservatives growing their own ranks in the media. I was grateful to see that you picked up on the importance many conservative journalists genuinely wish to place on broadening the range of viewpoints expressed.

On the other hand, I found your selection of photo illustrations, depicting Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh, a peculiar contrast to the finer points made in the article. High-profile conservative "media stars" do appear to revel in their self- anointed roles as anti-liberal ballasts in a sea of liberal journalists. It is my sense that most journalists who happen to hold conservative beliefs are less interested in singing to the choir (like Limbaugh) - or winning "Crossfire-style" debates - than they are in expanding the great conversations about governance that make liberties like freedom of speech so precious - a value I hope conservatives and liberals can proudly share. …

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