Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Remembering 9/11 ; Helping Children Learn about God's Care

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Remembering 9/11 ; Helping Children Learn about God's Care

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Do you remember last September 11th? Some kids were afraid and sad and even angry. Lots of kids prayed. Maybe you did, too. Now, a year later, everyone is thinking back to that day. Remembering.

What do you want to remember?

The most important thing is to remember God.

God has enough love to take care of everyone, to be a perfect Father-Mother to all the kids and all the grown-ups.

God is Life. So everyone is held in the arms of Life forever. God will never let us go, no matter what happens.

God is good and more powerful than anything hateful or evil. God is, in fact, omnipotent. That means He has all the power there is.

There's a promise in the Bible that is a promise for us today. God says, "You shall be my people, and I will be your God" (Jer. 30:22). He is telling us that we can trust Him to take care of all of us.

There's a wonderful story in the Bible that shows how God does this. A king sent out lots of soldiers with horses and chariots to capture a man named Elisha.

They circled the place where Elisha stayed, intending to take him prisoner. Elisha was not afraid, because he knew that God was there, and so he was safe.

But Elisha's servant was afraid. So Elisha prayed. He didn't want God to destroy his enemies, but he prayed that his servant could see that God was right there. God answered the prayer and showed the servant His presence and power all around them. The servant wasn't afraid anymore. As it turned out, both men were safe. God made certain the enemy couldn't find them (see II Kings 6).

God was taking care of Elisha and his servant, even when it didn't seem that He was. God showed them He was right there and that they were safe. God is the same God today, taking care of us, keeping us safe, and showing us that we're safe. We know we can trust God and not be afraid.

There's another way to remember 9/11. On that day and for days afterward, so many people showed so much courage. …

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