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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Balancing political views of college teachers

Regarding your Oct. 8 editorial "Faulty faculty diversity": As an academic who studies hiring practices, I find it disturbing that you suggest colleges "should look at their criteria for hiring teachers beyond just academic qualifications," implying political views - especially nonliberal views - are legitimate reasons for hiring. A few colleges do go beyond expertise in a field, for example religiously affiliated institutions with respect to doctrinaire beliefs in a religious context, as is their right.

It's hard to imagine that any good could come by having state legislatures try to mold the faculty of the local "U" in their current image. Do funds get withheld if the university faculty are not sufficiently conservative (or liberal) enough? Does tenure depend on one's voting behavior?

Have more faith in the critical minds that we in higher education are honored to help educate. Students are adept at filtering the wheat from the chaff, even when dished up from those of us much more liberal, or much more conservative, than they are. Howard Miller Edina, Minn

It was good to read your editorial "Faulty faculty diversity." I'm glad to see the issue of political imbalance among teachers is being addressed.

Our son's college experience included political influences that stood our hair on end. When parents spend huge sums to provide an education for their youngsters, only to have them turned against their family's values, there is a betrayal from the educational system.

It is important that students be given balanced views that provide the opportunity for them to develop their own reasoning. To have them influenced, even manipulated, during these formative years is a violation of the trust parents have put in the system. June A. Austin Hernando, Fla.

Discussing Hong Kong's laws

Regarding your Oct. 4 editorial "China's move on Hong Kong": Let me put the record straight. First, we have a constitutional duty, under Article 23 of our Basic Law, to enact laws on our own to safeguard national security. …

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