Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Are You Being Bullied? ; Helping Children Learn about God's Care

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Are You Being Bullied? ; Helping Children Learn about God's Care

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Kids and adults on a local TV news show were talking about bullying. When kids make fun of someone who is different in some way - maybe not smart or very smart or overweight or new to the school, or just different, it hurts. It might make you want to stay home from school and hide out. Or worse, you might start believing the put-downs about yourself and start feeling guilty - feeling as if the bullying is really your fault. You're sure no one wants to be your friend.

Here's what they said you should do if you're being bullied: Don't lose your cool and react. And don't believe the hateful things anyone says about you. But how can you do that?

Apparently, most kids are bullied at some point. But the kids who are confident about who they really are don't pay any attention, and then the bullying just stops.

The kids on the show said that you need to be careful about what you think about yourself. What you think becomes the message you send out about yourself. A strong protection is knowing your own worth, having confidence in yourself. Then people are less likely to put you down.

You can be sure you're a good, worthy, just, and right kind of person. Maybe you're not like everyone else, but wouldn't it be boring if everyone were just the same? You can know you're great because you're God's child. The Bible tells how God made everything, including us. It says that God made us to be like Himself. Then when God finished with what He made, He looked at it all and saw how good it was.

God made you and knows you are good. That's important information about who you really are. Knowing this changes how you think about yourself. You feel confident. You know you're an OK person, with talents and lots of good qualities.

Nothing can change the way God made you. So if someone says you're ugly or stupid or whatever, it can't be true. You're God's child, and nothing can change that. …

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