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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Client-lawyer privilege goes too far

Regarding your Dec. 26 article "Whistle-blowers tapped to clean up corporate crimes": Consider this parallel: There is patient- doctor privilege, but doctors still must report gunshot wounds. Or, if a patient has a medical condition considered dangerous to public health, it must be reported.

By the same token, lawyers should be required to report - in thoughtful steps as proposed by the Justice Department - corporate and business activities that pose substantial harm to the community. Think about the harm companies like Enron brought to the investment community, the worker community, and to the consumer community.

Why should lawyers be allowed (and even encouraged) to aid and abet potential crimes and potential criminals? James Lambert Chino Hills, Calif.

In response to "Whistle-blowers tapped to clean up corporate crimes": This is more legislation the Bush administration has passed to cover traces of its involvement in the corporate fallout of the past year.

It's against the law to break the law. Do you get tried twice? The cases are tried and judged in an attorney's office before they take the case. Isn't that the same as "guilty until proven innocent"? Bob Reeder Kansas City, Mo.

A warm welcome for Al Jazeera

In response to John Hughes's Dec. 18 Opinion column "War within a war: the press and the Pentagon": US journalism often provides incomplete and biased coverage of the Middle East. I welcome Al Jazeera, and am grateful for international newspapers that provide many perspectives and comprehensive coverage. More people could be better educated about the Middle East by Al Jazeera.

If people in the Middle East are seen as real people with families and lives and not as mere cutouts bearing biased labels, perhaps wars or embargoes that ban medicine and water-treatment equipment would be considered the wrong responses. Carol Powers Washington, Conn.

Dissecting the genetically modified

Regarding the Dec. …

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