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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Seeking the elusive middle ground on abortion

In response to your Jan. 22 editorial "Making Abortion Rare": I'll never understand how the Monitor, a paper with the founding goal "to injure no man, but to bless all mankind," can find it morally acceptable to defend Roe v. Wade. In the most substantial sense, an individual person is infinitely more than flesh and bone. And life, evidenced in every person, at whatever stage and in whatever condition, should be defended as sacred. Abortion is the forced termination of life, plain and simple - something we should always resist whenever humanly possible. To argue otherwise is to nurture a hypocrisy that is poisoning the lives of each new generation and blurring the clear vision that we need to remain a free and moral people. Scott Laningham Leander, Texas

Regarding "Making abortion rare": The absurd dichotomy still prevails where some people presume that it is intellectually plausible to be both pro-choice and personally opposed to abortion. The roots of this dichotomy are akin to the contrast which exists between theory and practice, where we do not feel personally obligated to take a firm moral stance on a hot-button subject until it looks as if it may hit too close to home. Miguel Guanipa Whitinsville, Mass.

"The abortion wars" (Jan. 22) features pro-choice and pro-life opinions, but it does not address compromises or other solutions. Would the pro-life movement really prefer millions of unwanted and unloved children to be born into poverty every year? Most women who choose abortion do so because they have no alternatives, not because of a "whim." Both sides spend millions on legal efforts supporting or opposing Roe v. Wade and ignore the alternatives. The pro-choice and pro-life lobbies would be far better off spending money on education about contraception and abstinence. Christian Colvin San Pablo, Calif.

Behind the rattling saber, a straw man

Your Jan. 23 editorial "Lonely saber rattling" was right on target. …

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