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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Ivory Coast locals have reasons to resent Europeans

Your Feb. 27 article, "Hearts heavy, whites feeling driven from Africa," about Europeans leaving the Ivory Coast is short-sighted because it ignores the fundamental reason locals have to resent those European implants, particularly the French.

What you fail to say is that those European expatriates remain among the privileged few 50 years after the independence of Ivory Coast, a country where poverty and the absence of democracy remain the norm. French firms enjoy lucrative contracts and there are significant differences in salary between locals and expatriates with the same levels of expertise.

No attempt to understand the current situation and build bridges for the future should ignore these realities. The looming question is whether or not the French government is ready to loosen its grip on its former empire in the name of peace. The forecast is not encouraging. Daniel Edibe San Francisco

I have read your recent articles about the Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe. The racism against whites in the Ivory Coast and in Zimbabwe as well as the existence of slavery in other parts of Africa is distressing.

I may have black ancestry, but being called an African-American is no compliment. The negative connotation of "African" is sad. I'm glad to be an American in the United States. Tamika Hatfield-Brown Cincinnati

Democrats can make room for debate

Regarding your Feb. 26 editorial "Divided Democrats": The most surprising comment to me was, "What will an antiwar candidate do, for example, if there is no war, or the war is over?"

The push for an attack on Iraq is but an expression of the Bush administration's foreign policy. No matter what happens in Iraq in the next months, the Democrats still can, and should, bring that doctrine of preemptive strikes and US military supremacy into the national debate. This foreign policy is setting our nation's course for the future. …

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