Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Shah of Iran was not like Hussein

In response to Henry Precht's May 5 Opinion piece "Heed the Iran- Iraq parallels": I respectfully disagree with Mr. Precht's comparisons between the late Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein of Iraq - between what happened to Iran then and what is happening in Iraq now.

The late shah was a friend to the West who built a prosperous country that actually had a growing middle class. As the Shiite mullahs were losing power, they instigated a revolution to take over and unleash what has been 25 years of misery through the reign of a fundamentalist theocracy. The Iraqis have had pure terror and a total lack of any human rights under Hussein.

Both the Iranians under the Shiites and the newly liberated Iraqis are looking for freedom and democracy.

I doubt very much that the Iraqis will be duped by the Iranian fundamentalists, as long as they get help and support from the West and are not left without a balanced transition team. S. Samii New York

From one police officer to another

Regarding the May 6 article "Rocky start for new Iraqi police force": My heart is saddened for these men. I know that strong sense of duty to the public, as do many of our brothers. I recently retired from the force, having been a policeman who worked line and traffic duty for criminal investigators.

I wish I could put the Iraqi police officers in touch with law- enforcement programs online. I know many officers who would give up their police-training books and college texts to help open Iraq officers' minds and hearts to the true meaning of service to the public with real respect toward life and people. David Chambers Danville, N.H.

Collectively remembering atrocities

Regarding John Hughes May 7 Opinion column "Treat Iraq's dark chapter like holocaust - remember:" I wholeheartedly concur with Mr. Hughes's assessment that the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein are comparable to those committed by Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and others against their "own people," and for this reason, remembrance is essential. …

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