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Blair on shaky ground, but will prevail

Regarding your report on the annual conference of the British Labour Party ("Blair battles to stay on course," Oct. 2): Twelve months ago, Prime Minister Tony Blair misled the British public in his arguments for war against Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, and Mr. Blair's refusal to acknowledge this fact has undermined his reputation as a political leader. Nevertheless, Blair's efforts to reform education and healthcare in the United Kingdom have been partially successful, and the majority of British voters support his domestic policies.

There is currently no serious political alternative to the Labour Party in Britain. The Conservative Party is in disarray while the Liberal Democrats have yet to clarify and define their political philosophy. Blair is likely to remain at 10 Downing St. for a historic third term after the next election. Alistair Budd Bristol, England

With Moussaoui, play by the rules

Regarding your Oct. 2 editorial "The Moussaoui Muddle": You acknowledge that the government's behavior is inappropriate and unconstitutional insofar as it seeks to deny Zacarias Moussaoui's constitutional right to a fair trial. You then suggest that it's all right for the prosecutors to unilaterally "declare" him to be an "enemy combatant" and try him before a military tribunal.

Not since "Alice in Wonderland" has such an idea been put forth. As you acknowledge, the prosecution may or may not have sufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Moussaoui has committed a crime, but since the government refuses to play by the procedural rules established to ensure that innocents are not wrongly convicted, the judge properly indicated she would dismiss the indictment.

The British authorities in colonial times behaved exactly the way the prosecution wants to here. That is why we established a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Nicholas Trott Long Providence, R.I.

A refreshing perspective on America

My thanks to Jeffrey Shaffer for his Oct. …

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