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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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A 'closed wallets' protest against Medicare drug card

Regarding your June 2 article "Debut of drug cards greeted with a shrug": I'm one of the many Americans who quit AARP in protest of its aggressive promotion of last year's prescription drug program. The illusory benefits for most consumers, high cost to taxpayers, and failure to negotiate drug discounts and imports are each reason enough to oppose the legislation.

I was always suspicious that AARP was more concerned about its private insurance efforts, including drug cards, than any real benefit to its members. Its failure to sign up more people is an indicator that the common sense of Americans is beginning to show.

When this drug-card boondoggle grinds to an embarrassing halt, perhaps we can go back to the drawing board in bipartisan fashion and draw up a plan that serves the public's health needs far more effectively, simply, and rationally. Until then, it seems most remaining AARP members are speaking loudly with their closed wallets. Dave Roberts Guerneville, Calif.

Higher standards for the US?

Regarding Helena Cobban's June 2 Opinion piece "Zero tolerance on torture: How hard is that?": Should the US be held to a higher standard of behavior than brutal dictatorships when it comes to the treatment of prisoners? The answer to that question should be abundantly self-evident, shouldn't it?

Otherwise, what was the point of differentiating between our behavior and that of Saddam Hussein's old regime? What was the point of deposing him? If President Bush does not reaffirm America's commitment to the Geneva Convention and the civilized behavior it represents, then the US stands to lose immeasurably in the eyes of the world. Frank Macskasy Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Where are today's heroic journalists?

Regarding Daniel Schorr's June 4 column "Remembering the heroes of Watergate": Yes, Sam Dash and Archibald Cox were both heroes, but Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein can also be counted among the real heroes of Watergate. …

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