Reporters on the Job

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* Fictional Killings? Correspondent Janaki Kremmer was one of those who was caught up in the hype of what looks like a hoax. She bought a copy of the nonfiction book "Forbidden Love" (page 1) before the Australian media discovered a string of factual errors that has left most observers doubting its veracity. "Growing up in India, I had read a lot about Pakistani honor killings," says Janaki. "This book got a lot of publicity in Australia as a 'true story' about honor killings. What intrigued me was the impression I had that Jordan was more progressive, so it wouldn't have this kind of problem.

"The author single-handedly raised the awareness about honor killings in Australia. She sold 200,000 copies of her book here. But now, the same people who donated money to support victims of these crimes feel betrayed," she says.

.* Back to Pakistan: Staff writer Scott Baldauf had a moment of deja vu while talking to Iraqi Christians for today's story about the church bombings in Baghdad and Mosul (page 1). …