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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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So, Congress gorged on pork; but there's good news, too

Although your Nov. 23 editorial "Trimming Congress's Bacon Fat" is absolutely right in condemning the huge amount of waste in the budget just passed, there are a couple of rays of hope as well.

For those of us concerned about nuclear proliferation, it was encouraging to see an increase in the US commitment to safeguarding nuclear weapons and materials in Russia and other places where they may be vulnerable to theft by terrorists.

At the same time, it was also a huge relief to see that no funds at all have been allocated to develop new nuclear weapons, such as the proposed "bunker buster" bomb. By initiating the development of such new weapons, the US would have sent exactly the wrong signal to other nations tempted to seek nuclear weapons for themselves. Marc Tolo Lawrenceville, N.J.

Local governments fight for clean air

The Nov. 18 article "Clean-air cops handcuffed" serves as a cautionary tale for residents and local governments near old, dirty, coal-fired power plants. Federal and state environmental protection is seriously broken and unlikely to protect public health and welfare. Relying on the "market" to fix local pollution violations is absurd.

In Alexandria, Va., we are blessed with a city council and public officials who are using what few powers they have to deal with a power plant that is releasing particulates and other pollutants in unhealthy amounts. The City of Alexandria recently reported that impacts from mercury emissions may exceed by up to 1,000 percent the chronic inhalation concentration that the Environmental Protection Agency considers safe.

This Thanksgiving season I am truly grateful for the men and women on our city council who believe that their most important role is to allow no harm to man. Mary Harris Alexandria, Va.

Who-what-when-where-why news, please

Regarding the Nov. 26 article "Up next: network news at crossroads": The reason I stopped watching the network news and started getting news from online sources wasn't for the convenience. …

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