Reporters on the Job

Article excerpt

* Lawrence of Arabia Returns: Staff writer Dan Murphy was prompted to write about the lessons of T.E. Lawrence (page 1) after analysts quoted the famous British traveler to Iraq in three straight interviews a few weeks ago. A particular quote from Louis Cantori, a political science professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, stayed with Dan. He was addressing the perspective of the insurgents in Iraq: "You know you have won when the only territory the occupier controls is directly beneath his boots."

Dan says, "That seemed to be about as succinct a summation of the difficulties of the war in Iraq as any I have heard."

But he didn't use it in his story Wednesday because he was unable to confirm if those were Lawrence of Arabia's exact words or a paraphrasing of his work.

* Carnival in Kiev: Correspondent Fred Weir says that the pro- Yushchenko crowd in Kiev has dwindled. "There's still a tent village of several thousand students. The village is behind wooden barricades and there are flags with the names of the towns they're from outside the tents," he says. …


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