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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Ideas, legacy of pope live on, pointing the way for others

The pontiff lives on, as do all great religious leaders. It is never the person, but the ideas expressed by such individuals that make their eminence. So with their passing, mankind does not experience a spiritual loss, although humanly a leader has passed.

May our prayer today be that religious leaders' ideas permeate mankind so that there be peace in the world - that each of us listen instead of shout, that we be brethren.Leo Crocker Rogers Mesa, Ariz.

The greatest lesson that Pope John Paul II has taught humanity is virtus in arduis or "courage in difficulties": He lost his mother as a child and his father as a young man; he labored in a quarry; he struggled under the Nazis, losing Jewish childhood friends to the Holocaust; he struggled under the evil of the communist years; he was wounded by an assassin; and was handicapped by disease and old age.Ken C. Arnold Santa Monica, Calif.

Getting to the heart of Red Lake issues

I applaud your March 25 editorial "Red Lake and Emotional Literacy" for its honest assessment of the need to radically and positively change our schools, making their stated goal not the passing of a standardized test, but the development of individual students and the communities they are part of.

The editorial noted that "many schools teach tolerance and respect for diversity." Those words may at times sound like buzz words, but they are the principles that should guide education and will do much more to prevent school violence than old techniques such as security guards and metal detectors. Chris Jones Colfax, Wisc.

Why China doesn't have school shootings

Regarding Susan DeMersseman's March 31 Opinion piece, "It's not too late to stop the next teen shooter": I'm a Korean high school student living in China and studying at an American school.

Stress, frustration, depression, pressure, and torment are just as common here as in the States or anywhere else in the world. Do students here listen to angry music? …

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