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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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National healthcare a

must-have for today's workers

Regarding the May 25 article "Moving healthcare up on US agenda": National healthcare must become a national priority. Employee- sponsored healthcare plus Medicare and Medicaid will never serve the entire nation because some people work part-time or are unemployed.

We need a national healthcare plan funded by a national payroll tax.

I would be happy to pay this tax knowing that all of the employees at the company that I run would have health insurance.

Healthcare funded by a national payroll tax is the only system that addresses everyone. Kevin Rath Oakland, Calif.

Brown and Bush: not until 2008

The May 9 article "Blair's reelection: Pyrrhic victory?" refers to a possible future partnership between President Bush and Britain's Finance Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown. Despite media speculation, it's unlikely Mr. Brown will be prime minister before 2008, when Mr. Bush will be on his way out of the White House.

But if Brown is able to maintain a buoyant British economy for the next four years, his prospects of following Mr. Blair into 10 Downing Street are very good.Alistair Budd Bristol, England

Remember the Kurds in Iraq's future

The May 18 article "Two possible futures for Iraq's struggle" reports that there are two possible outcomes to the insurgency in Iraq, both focused on Sunni participation in politics and oil revenues. The analysis is fine as far as it goes.

Unfortunately, however, the article ignores the same ethnic group that others seem to have forgotten: the Kurds.

Sunni appeasement at the expense of the Kurds, who have been oppressed by every Arab government in the region, could lead to all- out civil war.

The Kurds are relatively organized, with a militia numbering in the tens of thousands, and they have made clear that they will not lose this opportunity for autonomy and their own reasonable share of oil revenues. …

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