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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Drop negative assumptions about Bush, Rove

Daniel Schorr, in his July 15 Opinion piece, "Rove leak is just part of a larger scandal," seems to assume our president to be a warmonger with nearly uncontrollable megalomania. Therefore, he concludes, there must be a larger scandal involved.

Why not give our president some respect? Couldn't we assume that he is simply doing what he thinks is right for our country, and trust that his administration isn't continually trying to mislead everyone?

I lean to the right, but I was able to give President Clinton respect.

It's time to drop the pessimistic, negative assumptions about our leaders and extend them the courtesy of being considered decent human beings working through difficult situations with their country's welfare at heart.Jeff BurrowMansfield, Texas

Regarding the July 19 article, "Naming a covert operative: the basic facts of the CIA leak case": President Bush has stated that any individuals found to be criminals would no longer serve in his administration.

Isn't it a matter of course that a criminal would not serve in this or any other president's administration?

Bush's statement therefore offers nothing new and is tantamount to a null statement, since it is assumed that criminals should not hold such positions. His statement is designed to make him appear strong and unbiased, but in actuality, it says nothing.D.A. Petras Tustin, Calif.

Bring the world back together

Responding to John Hughes's July 13 Opinion piece, "From New York to London, we're all in this together": In 2001, I was in the south of England with my family on a business trip when the horrible events of Sept. 11, 2001, unfolded. We were isolated from what was happening at home.

Our frustration was offset considerably by the kindness of dozens of British strangers who approached us with condolences, encouragement, and even gifts. Their sympathy and sincerity were something we'll never forget.

So much has changed. …

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