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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Let special interest groups write their own letters

As a veteran letter-to-the-editor writer, I was shocked that "special interest groups are putting words into the mouths of letter writers" (Aug. 4 article "In letters to the editor, too many copycats?").

And shame on the letter contributors for allowing themselves to be "used."

Writing a letter to one's favorite paper or magazine is an important part of living in a free country.

It is one of the few opportunities for us average citizens to express our opinions.

It was interesting to me as a Californian to learn it is a misdemeanor for a writer in this state to sign a letter to a newspaper with a name other than his own.Mary Meyer Pasadena, Calif.

Free speech shouldn't be twisted like this

I must emphatically disagree with Professors Robert D. Richards and Clay Calvert regarding the harmful and dangerous effects of violent video games (Aug. 1 Opinion piece, "Target real violence, not video games").

Parenting advice says that children will mimic behavior they learn from parents. Why is it such a stretch to think they will act out behavior they see through what they perceive as a legitimate source?

How many studies do we need in order to see that beside violent effects, these videos degrade and cheapen public discourse?

I think the founders intended the rights of free speech to refer to political and religious speech, and would be appalled that these rights are being perverted to protect graphic violence and pornography.

Professors, what has happened to common sense?Joan Mortner Fishersville, Va.

Japan's storied history of empresses

Regarding the July 28 article "After 26 centuries, is Japan finally fit for a queen?": I'm delighted that you are providing coverage of events in Japan, since so often they are ignored.

However, the "26-century habit" of male heirs to the throne in Japan dates all the way back to 1889.

Before that, women could and did inherit the throne. …

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