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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Show the president due respect when referring to him in articles

Regarding the Nov. 2 article, "Bush outlines first US steps against bird flu": I am so completely disgusted with the way mainstream journalists continue to show lack of respect for our president. Please stop referring to our president as "Mr. Bush." He is to be addressed as President Bush. He holds the highest office in this great country. Even when the Prince of Wales visits this country we extend to him the title of Prince. The least we can do is show the world that we have the ability and the intelligence to show the leader of the free world the proper respect he deserves. Kathy MillerSan Antonio

Editor's note:

Ms. Miller raises a concern occasionally voiced by other readers as well. It is certainly not our intention nor our practice to show any lack of respect for the office or the person of the president. Our style rule, established so many decades ago that its origins are obscure to those of us here, is that the first reference uses "President [last name]." The second reference in the same story is to "Mr. [last name]." References after that in the same story, and most headlines, simply use the president's last name. That style has been consistent for presidents Republican or Democrat, popular or unpopular, one-term or two. It represents, we believe, a balance of formal respect and informal efficiency.

Votes don't always mean freedom

In his Nov. 2 Opinion column, "Tough days ahead for Bush, but how will history rate him?," John Hughes seems to equate Iraqi voting with "freedom." I find that provincial and offensive. By what rationale do we assume that our choice of government is better for someone else? As someone who was part of the Vietnam War, I resent the attitude that we can impose our will on anyone we choose.

Our invasion of Iraq, and the killing of Iraqi sons and daughters have no justification. I believe President Bush used trumped-up evidence to defraud us into a war of aggression. …

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