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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Justice should be blind to politics, but justices are not

With regard to the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, your Jan. 9 editorial, "Judging Alito as he would judge," says, "...the senators need to judge him not on his political views but on his fidelity to the Constitution." It also states, "... the justices must drop any human tendencies and apply common-sense meaning of constitutional text and established court opinions."

That's the ideal, and I wish that it were the reality. The reality is, however, that on a number of very contentious social issues, the court has rendered very contentious and closely divided decisions. Many of the votes have been 5-4. Furthermore, several of the justices have consistently voted in either a "conservative" or "liberal" way, with Justice O'Connor providing the swing vote.

In this context, it is clear that we are far from the ideal of impartial justices. It is therefore naive in the extreme to think that a potential justice's political and social views are irrelevant. The senators have no choice but to take into consideration much more than Judge Alito's judicial temperament.Dan ButlerLos Alamitos, Calif.

A few extras give dignity to the poor

In response to the Dec. 30 article, "Better living ... as measured by PCs, VCRs": To maintain some degree of sanity, poor people have to make an effort to keep their families "in the game" of life without feeling cast down and destroyed.

While poor families cannot afford the trappings of real wealth - i.e. homeownership or a luxury car - these families want to believe that they are not living a life of shame. Thus the occasional purchase of a small luxury item. It certainly is not wrong to enjoy some luxuries of life. Lurlene irvinJackson, Miss.

Senior women are assets on the job

How timely to get the Jan. 4 article, "More women decide to extend careers." I am two months shy of 63 and have just been told that my company will be shutting down. …

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