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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Single-sex schools reduce over-socializing and boost studies

Regarding your June 30 editorial, "Big test for single-sex public schools": Though it should be obvious that there is considerable politicizing of this issue on the basis of equality in educational quality, I believe the best reason, at least in the high school years, to separate the sexes is that American youth tend to oversocialize in school, and, as a result, academic performance suffers.

Let's not run away from the reality; both boys and girls need a learning environment where the focus is on learning and not on scoring socially with the opposite sex. This problem does not arise in many other cultures, but in US society it has altered the focus in the lives of high school age teens. Get it right: There will be plenty of time to party later. And school-age kids need to stay focused. Abhi Buch San Diego

A new American philanthropy

Regarding the June 28 article, "A new era for supercharged philanthropy": Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates know that the purpose of wealth is to change the world for the better, not to pass on that wealth to your children and grandchildren in some dynastic fashion. At the same time, President Bush wants to eliminate the estate tax in order to allow the wealthy to keep all their wealth for their heirs. There's a disconnect here. Thank goodness for Mr. Buffett and Mr. and Mrs. Gates - they are truly making a difference in the lives of millions of poor people. They are representing what is good in America. Pat Bennett Summit, N.J.

Religions coexisted peacefully in past

In general I applaud your June 27 editorial, "If the shoe fits." I have one bone to pick, however. What Muslim "antipathy toward Jews" exists is not ancient. It dates back about 60 years, to the takeover of Palestine by Jews coming from Europe. During the many centuries when Jews were persecuted by Christians, the Muslim world was a haven for them. Millions of Jews lived in peace in Muslim lands until the expulsion of the Palestinians. …

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