Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Let India-US nuke deal serve as a model for energy cooperation

Regarding Charles D. Ferguson's Sept. 19 Opinion piece, "Security is vital in US-India nuke deal": It must be understood that human and material resource utilization in India is greatly impeded by energy scarcity, which is based mostly on oil and gas. If nuclear cooperation materializes, followed by more nuclear energy infrastructure in the next 10 years, India could generate a huge trade surplus. In that position, further integration of US technology and industry - and even US agriculture - with the Indian economy could pave the way for further globalization and full- throttle reform in India. Let Indo-US nuclear cooperation develop into a model for similar cooperation between the US and other Asian countries such as Pakistan, Iran, and even North Korea. It is easy to imagine that such cooperation could unleash unprecedented energy for the world economy. President Bush has a vision for a new world situation, in which Indo-US nuclear cooperation is the first step. Ashim Kumar Chatterjee Delhi, India

Stop cheerleading for immigration

The Sept. 19 article, "As US nears milestone, a rising mix of immigrants," about America's coming population milestone of 300 million read like a Chamber of Commerce press release: Growth is good! More growth is better!

The tiny disagreement consisted of American workers' "fear" that they are being displaced by foreigners willing to labor for less, though the "data are inconclusive" according to the article. Now, the reality: The blue-collar middle class has been all but destroyed by massive illegal immigration combined with American industries outsourcing to cheap-labor havens such as China. Real earning power has dropped like a stone for many workers.

And then there are the cultural issues. Americans don't want Mexifornia or Amexica. We don't want a Mexican invasion prettied up and called multiculturalism.

We want to keep our own English- speaking nation with borders and under the Constitution - the country that millions in uniform fought to preserve. …

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