Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

A Run for Life

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

A Run for Life

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There's more to a marathon than meets the eye. Long-distance runners know this. And so should anyone who is pursuing a worthy goal and wants to go the distance to accomplish it.

Marathons - preparing for them and running in them - provide lessons that apply across the spectrum of life. With Boston's footrace happening April 16, it's a good time to expand on two of those lessons.

People watch races from several vantage points. There's the eye on the scene from the sidelines. TV cameras mounted on vehicles just ahead of the runners deliver another point of view. Then there's the big picture from helicopters overhead. From that higher elevation, onlookers can see the whole course.

Similarly, setting our sights beyond jobs, hobbies, and routines, shows life from a less restrictive viewpoint. That marathoner of Christian missionary work, St. Paul, told the Corinthians, "Set your affection on things above." The truly "big picture" surely embraces the spiritual.

A good place to start is to think outside the framework of life as locked up in physicality, and seek to understand the ways in which we relate to the infinite Life that is spiritual and wholly good. Spirit, God - not matter or the brain - is the source of this higher idea of life that belongs to everyone.

Christian Science explains how to know ourselves as this image and likeness and what happens to that restrictive, material sense of life when we do. Identifying ourselves with this infinite idea of life in God expands our capacities and comprehension, gives a more compassionate outlook, and brings healing to the human mind and body.

As we become aware of the overarching fact that we're not a composite of physical and chemical processes, the mistake of believing we're at the mercy of matter becomes increasingly apparent. Spirit is giving life and harmony and health to everyone, as the record of Christian Science healing has validated again and again.

This scientific view of life is profound - and very real. …

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