Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Freedom from Health Limits

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Freedom from Health Limits

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Have you ever seen a two-ton elephant walking resignedly in a small circle, constrained only by a thin stick and flimsy rope tied to its ankle - and wondered why the elephant didn't just walk off?

One elephant-training technique is to fasten a heavy manacle and chain to its leg, securing the other end of the chain to a stake driven deep into the ground. When the baby elephant tries to walk, it can't move beyond the length of the chain.

The elephant becomes so used to this limitation that it stops resisting and remains within its tether, convinced that it cannot escape.

Eventually, it's restrained by only a thin wooden stake and light rope. Once the elephant has been conditioned to this limited mobility, it remains convinced of its captivity. Its impressions about the strength of the rope and wooden stake - not the rope and stake themselves - keep it imprisoned.

In some ways people have also been conditioned to accept views of health and well-being that imprison them with illness, disease, and limited mobility.

"Chained" to ever-increasing information about diseases, matter- based causes, incurability, and myriad treatments, people unwittingly are conditioned to have seasonal colds and flu; aching joints; vision, hearing, and memory loss when they reach senior years; and other health issues.

Yet, what if those "chains" called disease and deterioration aren't as solid and powerful as we think? What if they're actually as powerless to control us as a light rope is to restrain an elephant? It's one thing truly to be held captive. It's another thing to believe you're imprisoned when actually you're free.

If it's possible that we're not actually restrained by health conditions but just think we are, how can we break free? Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). And the truth he was referring to goes far beyond any human opinion of what is true. This truth has its basis in God, divine Spirit. …

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