Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

When You Can't Go Home

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

When You Can't Go Home

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Millions of displaced persons today can't go home, or they have no home to return to. Political situations and wars, as well as floods, droughts, and similar conditions abruptly force people into refugee camps or make them seek refuge in what is to them a foreign country.

The good news is that people are finding ways to help some of them. An article, "A warm reception for refugees; Center rolls out the welcome mat" tells of a group of agencies that have come together to help those seeking asylum in the United States (The Washington Post, Aug. 2). One who works there, Rachel Mogga, a refugee from Sudan, said, "I want them to get the dream of being in a place of freedom, where they have peace and tranquility."

Another story of aid to refugees - this one at the grass-roots level - appeared in this newspaper, "Simple sun-cooker takes off as a way to help Darfuris" (July 26). It tells of a solar cooker that can be assembled in Darfur refugee camps so women don't need to leave the safety of the camp to find firewood. The cookers are simple, using the sun's rays, and two of them can be purchased for $30. Thousands of dollars have already been raised to provide these cookers.

These and other efforts are making a difference, but it goes without saying that much more needs to be done for the homeless, whatever the cause of their situation, and prayer can open the way for those new efforts.

My prayers lead me to regard where we live from a metaphysical basis. They recognize that all of us truly live in the kingdom of God. And this home is not a place but is within consciousness right now. The Bible records Christ Jesus' message, "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20, 21).

Recognizing that this kingdom is right now within the true consciousness of each refugee not only brings comfort but can also bring new ideas for improving living conditions such as the sun- cooker, which is improving the life of some Darfuris. …

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