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Letters to the Editor

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Letters to the Editor

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Preserve American unity: Protest the Iraq war

Regarding your Nov. 19 editorial, "Thanksgiving at a time of war": President Lincoln used Thanksgiving during the Civil War to unify the North and South.

President Bush will use this Thanksgiving to try and get the US to support his efforts to transform our nation into an empire by asking us to stand behind our soldiers "who defend liberty ... [and] advance the cause of freedom."

This coming Thanksgiving, I hope Americans preserve the unity of our nation by standing between the president and our brave military and protesting the war in Iraq.

Helen Ann Tackett Fullerton, Calif.

International driving permit required

Regarding the Nov. 19 article, "Immigration issue could make or break presidential candidates": A US driver's license is a form of identification that goes beyond mere driving privileges.

For instance, in many states, applicants for voter registration must provide a valid driver's license. Giving noncitizens a driver's license might make it possible for illegal immigrants to vote.

The problem with granting noncitizens US driver's licenses can be solved by requiring an international driving permit (IDP). After all, many countries that do not recognize a US driver's license do accept an IDP.

One is amazed at the problem-solving abilities of those politicians who aspire to be our leaders but who cannot provide simple solutions to simple problems.

Moorad Alexanian Wilmington, N.C.

Let England chose a new motto

In response to the Nov. 16 article, " 'Once great' Britain searches for a national motto": I am of English and Scottish descent, living in the US. England has persevered over many trials and obstacles, and it still remains. If you count its inception, it has survived almost 1,000 years. Few countries or empires could make that claim. We here in the US have fought the English twice and won, yet they are our closest allies. If the English want a national motto, then let them choose one. …

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