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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Letters to the Editor

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Example of peace needed for Iran and Israel

Regarding Vali Nasr and Ray Takeyh's Dec. 14 Opinion piece, "How Iran's president is being undercut": Now that the threat of a nuclear armed Iran is no longer, it is time for a new approach by others with true nonproliferation credentials to work with Iran and Israel, and any others who might be tempted to go for "the bomb."

If I had my way, Canada, with capabilities dating to the Manhattan Project, and Ukraine, which inherited a nuclear arsenal but disowned it, could take the lead (by example and not by bullying tactics) in demonstrating the benefits of peaceful uses only of nuclear technology.

David Tarbuck Ushgorod, Ukraine

Foreclosure's winner: Construction

In response to the Dec. 11 article, "In pockets of foreclosure, housing woes spread block by block": It is truly painful to hear that houses are being bulldozed as a response to the mortgage default crisis. It is a stark example of how skewed priorities can be in our economy, when perfectly livable houses are destroyed, while many people experience forced dislocation.

This article indicates that many of the defaults are by real estate investors who lost 10 to 15 houses at a time - meaning that many renters, in addition to struggling home-owners, were forced to move from their homes. These demolitions are presumably a form of appropriation by the municipality; why not appropriate the properties and hand them back to those who are in need of homes?

I'm guessing the only winner in this situation is the construction industry, which will eventually be called upon to rebuild.

Karen Arnett Cincinnati

Do top marks in high school matter?

Regarding the Dec. 5 article, "New report ranks US teens 29th in science worldwide": I'm tired of hearing how American students are statistically behind students living in other countries in math, reading, and science.

The media continues to report that our educational system needs to be changed in order for our citizens to compete in the global marketplace. …

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