Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Your Springtime

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Your Springtime

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Everyone at some point feels the need for renewal - whether we're faced with boredom over the same old reactions to the same old problems, wearied by recurring situations that remain unsolved, or challenged by predictable flash points in some relationships.

Worn-out views are sometimes like worn-out shoes. Familiarity makes us reluctant to let them go. They feel part of our lives. But if you're plagued by the same old problems, and you react as you did yesterday and the day before, isn't it time for a new view?

Prayer helps open the way for renewal and healing. This prayer may include persistently acknowledging God's presence and power, which brings to light your divinely established relationship with God, as His spiritual idea.

Even if you don't feel very spiritually minded as you're reading this right now, you can become more aware of the divine view that God holds of each of us. Knowing that He sees us as perfect, eternal, and good enables us to face and solve our problems, whether they include ill health, unhappy or tense relationships, immorality, lack, or some other difficulty.

Rooting out dull, repetitious thinking, and identifying ourselves with spiritual qualities - such as joy, intelligence, usefulness - helps us stop mulling over depressing situations. It opens the way for new ideas, which actually are ever at hand. They constitute our essential nature as God's creation. As our relation to God, who is the origin of our being, dawns in our thought, its light dispels outmoded, depressing concepts. Seeing ourselves in this correct light is a vital step toward healing and fresh beginnings.

Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, described man, including male and female, as: "idea, the image of Love; he is not physique. He is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas. …

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