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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Letters to the Editor

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The need for lasting solutions in flood plains

In response to the June 18 article, "Why flooding worsens": If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we divert water to areas where they need it? We have the Alaskan oil pipeline, surely we could create temporary diversions before our levees breach? Why can't we anticipate this and divert water?

Margaret V. Barron Henryville, Pa.

Regarding the recent article on Midwest flooding: Additional costs must be acknowledged. The loss of fertile topsoil and scarce fresh water must be added to those enumerated.

If the levee system were to include impoundment areas where the sediment can be captured and the water reverse-pumped into the aquifers, these precious resources could be reused. The soil could be distributed or sold to enrich depleted ground. The expanding of the aquifer will redistribute water to the region and help offset the loss created by overirrigation of crop land and loss of flood plains.

The recapture of flood waters would also help to reduce problems farther down the river. One area would not be passing its problem to its neighbor to solve.

Jim Dewitt Southbury, Conn.

In response to the recent article on flooding in the Midwest: Years ago I read a proposal that diversionary channels be dug along river banks to control flooding. Locks at calculated intervals could prevent disaster. Obviously this was not done.

Developers built malls and parking lots paved with cement over acres of land that could absorb rain. Developers claim to study environmental impact reports, but little thought is given to the future. So Iowa sends floodwaters down to Missouri. When will developers be more responsible?

Marjorie Loudon Wallace Redwood City, Calif.

Wild lands help prevent floods

In response to your June 24 editorial, "Biofuels put bucks over ducks": Having land in the federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) prevented even greater losses of crops to the floods. …

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