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Letters to the Editor

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Letters to the Editor

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Give foreigners arrested in the US due process

Regarding the July 31 article, "Showdown over a Texas execution": There is no doubt that Jose Medellin committed a hideous crime and deserves to be punished for it. However, he also deserves to be accorded every legal right to which he is entitled.

That has not been the case in his trial and conviction. Failure to accord him his rights reduces his conviction to the level, not of justice but revenge. Justice is not based on the premise of "an eye for an eye," but revenge is!

Texas will have its pound of flesh by carrying out the execution in defiance of international law. That will place every American who travels abroad in danger. We cannot expect other countries to abide by the rule of law when we defy it at our convenience. That is too great a price to pay for Texas' folly.

How tragic to see revenge win out over justice and the rule of law.

Raymond Rodriguez Long Beach, Calif.

In response to the recent article on Jose Medellin's disputed death sentence: I understand the man confessed to having done this heinous crime. The International Court of Justice should have no say in what happens. I personally do not believe in any World Court or International Court of Justice. They do not represent the people of the United States.

Sherry Cox Paso Robles, Calif.

Sports improve international relations

Regarding the Aug. 1 article, "Expat coach's Olympic plan": The negative reaction of USA Softball to Michael Bastian's coaching of the Chinese National Softball Team seems contrary to the Olympic spirit and the role of sport in building international association and friendship.

As an American, I felt honored that the Chinese are striving to develop excellence in one of our national sports. In many cases the global expansion of sport depends on the migration of skilled teachers like Mr. Bastian. Moreover, the growth of world competition should only help to improve the level of performance in softball. This is what makes the Olympics so special. …

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