Creationism Coming to School District

Article excerpt

The "Christian right" majority of the Vista school board achieved what its three members had been promising for months: It formally opened the door to teaching creationism in the public schools.

The board members did so in defiance of California educational guidelines, in defiance of its own teachers' association and over the complaints of many parents and students at a public meeting Thursday night that dragged on past midnight.

By a 3-2 vote, the board ordered that "discussions of divine creation, ultimate purposes, or ultimate causes (the `why') shall be included at appropriate times in the history-social sciences and/or English-language arts curricula."

The new policy requires "exploration and dialogue" of "scientific evidence that challenges any theory in science" and states that "no student shall be compelled to believe or accept any theory presented in the curriculum."

Board President Deidre Holliday, who heads the majority, said the change came at the urging of her constituency. "People kept asking, `Why can't we have creationism? …


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