Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing Eye Openers

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing Eye Openers

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From our "Only in little league" files: The Dirt Devils are playing the All-Stars late Sunday night at Affton Athletic Association when the cry goes up from the grandstand:

"Hey, get the cat off the field!"

Turns out this "cat" is built low to the ground with itty-bitty paws, coal-black fur, bushy tail, white markings . . .

"It's a skunk!" somebody shrieks.

Sure enough, it's a PePe LePew clone, waddling across the deep outfield toward its haven on the banks of Gravois Creek. The outfielders are all shook up, but the umps seem amused and allow play to continue.

All of which begs the question: What if the next young lady at bat gets hold of a fat fastball and hits it anywhere near PePe? Ball in play?

The folks at American Softball Association headquarters in Oklahoma City figure they've heard it all, but this is their first skunk-on-the-field stumper. After an hour's discussion, a spokesman calls back and allows as how "well, um, there's nothing in the rule book to cover it. But if we were umping that game, we'd rule the ball dead and give everybody two bases. And we wouldn't mess with the skunk."


Please Don't Mistreat The Daisies: SAM TORRANCE hacked his way to a 78, then withdrew in agony from the English Open golf tournament. "My chest hurt so much out there," Torrance said, "I was grunting and groaning like MONICA SELES."

Pulled muscles? Irregular heartbeat?

No, seems Sudden Sam rolled out of bed at his hotel Tuesday night and went for a walk - while still asleep. According to a wire-service report, a "collision with a flower pot" jolted him awake.

"I woke up in agony," Torrance said. "I was standing in the room with the flower pot in pieces at my feet."


Move over, DENNIS MARTINEZ. Nicaragua's obsession with baseball may have passed, if we can trust this wire-service dispatch from the streets of Managua:

"Thousands of people turned out for a weekend of chariot racing as more than 90 gladiator lookalikes in imitation Roman helmets and breastplates took to the streets of the Nicaraguan capital in the second annual running of Managua's Ben Hur chariot races. …

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