Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Institute for Creation Research Fights Theory of Evolution

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Institute for Creation Research Fights Theory of Evolution

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The plain building that squats alongside the freeway amid industrial warehouses seems an unlikely place for a creationist research center and think tank.

But as the home of both the Institute for Creation Research and the Museum of Creation and Earth History, the site has become a mecca for academics and tourists with a belief in the literal truth of the Bible.

The 23-year-old institute, which runs a graduate school as well as the museum, has a full-time staff of 12.

According to Bill - who handles public information for the institute but declined to give his last name - the center sponsors research such as "genetic experiments with fruit flies" and "dating projects of Grand Canyon rocks" in an effort to punch holes in evolutionary theory.

"The way evolution is taught, you're not supposed to question it, and that's a bad way to teach students to think," he said. "There are two ways to form a Cadillac. Either there was an explosion in a scrap metal yard and it came together that way by chance, or it was intelligently designed another way - and to say one is science and one is religion is wrong."

Bill said the media present distorted images of Christian conservatives because of religious bigotry.

"We are portrayed like lunatics, like wild-eyed crazies," he said. "Man doesn't like the idea that there's a Creator to whom he may give account some day. The suggestion of that is sufficiently frightening that they think we must be silenced at all costs."

The privately funded institute has raised eyebrows in nearby Vista, Calif., because John Tyndall, one of the city's school board members, is the center's director of accounting services.

Last spring, he unsuccessfully sought to persuade the school district to use an anti-evolution textbook sold by a company affiliated with the institute. …

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