Luetkenhaus Agenda: Improving Highways, Adding School Prayer

Article excerpt

Launching his campaign for re-election to a second term in the Missouri House of Representatives, William J. Luetkenhaus is laying out an agenda ranging from highway improvements to plugging for a constitutional amendment to allow prayers in public schools.

Luetkenhaus, 31, who lives in Josephville, is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state representative from the 12th District. Before taking the seat in 1992, Luetkenhaus represented the Western District on the St. Charles County Commission, which was the county's top administrative body before the new home-rule charter went into effect last year. Earlier, he served one term as a member of the Josephville Board of Trustees.

Luetkenhaus said on Monday that one of his top priorities was to improve Highway 79 to four lanes. The highway extends northward from Interstate 70 into Lincoln County. Parts of St. Charles and Lincoln counties are in the 12th District.

He also has joined at least 70 other members of the Missouri Legislature in signing a resolution in support of legislation introduced in Congress by Rep. …


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