Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing Eye Openers

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing Eye Openers

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Now that the Blues' season has ended in disappointment, the Missouri Conservation Department has acknowledged that, indeed, it is open season on BRETT HULL.

There are no limits on licensed fair-weather fans and scapegoat hunters who are lining up to take shots. Happy hunting.

Eye Makeup: Apparently, some misinterpreted tongue-in-cheek comments last week about the new players' lounge at Busch Stadium. Truth be known, baseball's best equipment manager, BUDDY BATES, has transformed a nondescript section of the clubhouse into a first-class cafe that would make KIM TUCCI envious.

Now, if I could just reserve a table.

EYE DROPS (good to the last drop):

Welcome back "DONNIE B" BAYLOR.


Next time I play indoor soccer with HECTOR MARINARO, he's going down.

Thank you, DAN MAROUELLI, for saving us the torture of losing in overtime.

Pop Quiz: RIGO BELTRAN is . . .

A. An epidemic in Panama.

B. A subway system in San Diego.

C. Your new long-distance company.

D. A spin move outlawed by the International Figure Skating Committee.

E. High-fiber cereal.

F. A pitcher in the Cardinals' organization.

Blues Update: Duchesnie more penalties than late income tax filer; Cujo protected worse than ozone layer; Hrkie turnovers like Grandma used to make; Coach Berry, contender for Olympic Festival javelin medal; Nedder not nearly noticeable enough; ViKelly Chaserov no chance; Shannie and Janney did sweater proud; Hullie . . . gully!

The fourth-grade girls basketball team at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque has asked permission to speak with CHARLIE SPOONHOUR.

I must have missed it. In what round did St. Louis draft Sunday?

Snake-bit ERIK PAPPAS has left the Mendoza Line and is now residing in "Geddysburg." That is a place established in 1991 by congenial Cardinals backstop RICH GEDMAN. City limits - .106.

Also on this day in 1931: LOU GEHRIG slammed a monstrous shot into the center-field bleachers at old Griffith Stadium in Washington. The ball hit in the distant seats, caromed back to the field and was caught by the Senators' center fielder.

Seeing only the catch, New York Yankees baserunner LYN LARY trotted off the field thinking it was the third out. …

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