Car, Truck Accidents Targeted Campaign Is Seeking to Educate Drivers

Article excerpt

When cars tangle with big trucks on the highway it's usually bad news for the cars. Auto drivers could help avoid many of those 200,000 crashes each year.

The Federal Highway Administration launched a campaign recently to educate car drivers about the "no zone," the blind spots around trucks and buses where truck and bus drivers can't see trailing or passing cars.

The "Be a Roads Scholar," campaign is being coordinated by the highway administration and Maryland transportation department.

Most car-truck accidents are the fault of the car driver, according to Thomas Hicks of the Maryland Office of Traffic Safety.

The campaign will use broadcast and print advertising to educate car drivers about avoiding the "no zone," blind spots around trucks and buses.

Danger areas are:

Side blind spots. Large areas on each side of trucks and buses exist where cars may not be visible in mirrors. When autos drive in these areas, they are in danger if the truck needs to swerve or change lanes. …


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