Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

No Kidding with Goat Curse Lifted, Cubs `Cud' Break Loose

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

No Kidding with Goat Curse Lifted, Cubs `Cud' Break Loose

Article excerpt

The Chicago Cubs, minus their miracle goat, have arrived in town, bringing with them a series of amazing accomplishments. Last Wednesday, they reversed their Wrigley Field curse and won a game after 12 home loses, which someone claimed was a 92-year-old club record.

Oh sure, it was kind of embarrassing. And it led to the usual denigrating of the Cubs on the nation's newspaper wires. Such as this smart aleck aside from the Los Angeles Times, writing about a Chicago gas station sign: "Cubs Bumper-stickers Removed Here."

Now that's all so much water down a Sheffield Avenue drain.

Once again, the Cubs are on track, and the Cardinals might pay a dear price for it this week. The four-game series with the Redbirds starts at 7:05 tonight. Minus the miracle goat.

But the noted fire buff, Cubs manager Thomas Lynn Trebelhorn, is here. It was he, who in the depths of the Baby Bears' early-season despair, held an historic postgame press conference at a firehouse.

This act of courage, exposing himself to Wrigleyville malcontents without so much as one Wells Fargo guard present, will go down with the miracle goat as the point in the season when Cubs sun began to shine.

A week ago Friday, after loss No. 9 to the Colorado Rockies, the courageous Trebelhorn met with 200 fans at Engine House No. 78 on Waveland Avenue. The firehouse, not far from the left-field line, is almost part of Wrigley Field. Trebelhorn made no simpering excuses. Instead, he conducted himself with the dignity and honor of previous Cubs field generals.

Who knows, win or lose in St. Louis, he just might make a postgame courtesy call to Engine House No. 2, at 314 South Tucker Boulevard. It's about three blocks west of Busch Stadium. And he's invited, said St. Louis Fire Chief Neal Svetanics.

"It's OK with me, as long they don't tear up the place," the chief said.

Tear up the place? Who does the chief think we're talking about - Blackhawks fans?

Normally, this first-of-the-season-visit of the Baby Bears is an event that would fall in the purview of that esteemed observer of Cubs legend and lore, William A. McClellan. He is a St. Louis newspaper columnist and weekly television star. And the rarest of all creatures, a truly passionate Cubs fan from White Sox territory - Chicago's far South Side neighborhood of Roseland. But that's a long story.

When it comes to making sense of the Cubs' past and future, McClellan is without equal in St. Louis, with the possible exception of retired federal judge William Hungate. McClellan's reading of his team's prospects, vis-a-vis the Cardinals, is something eagerly awaited each spring by the St. Louis public.

Before the season was one pitch old, McClellan knew the Cubs were in deep trouble. And would need some sort of exorcism to right their early-season course.

"Hillary throwing out the first ball. …

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