Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Dissenting Remarks Should Be Voiced

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Dissenting Remarks Should Be Voiced

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Dear Ann Landers: I'd like to respond to "Worried Sick in N.J.," whose con-man brother, "Ben," was about to marry a lovely girl. "Worried" wanted to know if the girl should be warned. I was stunned when you told her to "MYOB."

Ten years ago, I was engaged to marry "Dan." Two weeks before the wedding, my father voiced his suspicions. When I assured Dad that Dan was in excellent financial shape, he told me Dan had borrowed $1,000 from him to buy me an engagement present. The truth was that Dan spent only $100 on that gift.

The year I lived with Dan, he was always able to explain away all the questions I had raised about his honesty. When I learned about the loan from my father, I decided to look in Dan's desk drawers for more "information." I found out his car had been repossessed (not stolen, as he claimed), that he had made charges on my credit card to the limit and hadn't made any payments, that he had been stealing my mail, and that he had not worked in months although we celebrated several "promotions."

When it became clear that Dan was a con man and a compulsive liar, I called off the wedding. It took me years to pay off the debts he incurred, including a big one for my engagement and wedding rings.

So, please, Ann, when your readers ask about tipping off someone who is about to marry "a walking disaster," don't discourage them and hope someone else will make the move. SUFFERED BUT SPARED IN SANTA MONICA

Of course, you are right. I caught unprecedented, world-class flak for my senseless response. I plead temporary insanity caused by work overload and am now urging "Worried" to speak out promptly and expose Ben for the liar that he is.


Dear Ann Landers: I am outraged at a story I read in the Biloxi Sun Herald. It seems a senior citizen on disability won a $15,000 jackpot gambling at a casino. …

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