Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


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The following works were used to compile these articles:

Ambrose, Stephen E., The Supreme Commander (1970), a wartime biography of Eisenhower by the premiere Eisenhower scholar, and D-Day: June 6, 1944 (1994), a look at the common soldier's side of Overlord.

Baldwin, Hanson, Battles Lost and Won (1966). D-Day provides a poignant chapter in the sprightly history of the war's high points.

Blumenson, Martin, The Battle of the Generals (1993). An American historian argues that Allied infighting and indecision in Normandy ruined a chance to end the war right then and there. This book lionizes Patton. Also, by the same author, "A Deaf Air To Clausewitz," in Parameters, Summer 1993. This article says Eisenhower sought to conquer ground instead of the enemy.

Botting, Douglas, and the editors of Time-Life, The Second Front (1978). D-Day gets the Time-Life treatment - lots of pictures, a breezy text.

Boyne, Walter J., Clash of Wings (1994). This history of WW II in the air makes the point that only air superiority made D-Day possible.

Bradley, Omar, with Blair, Clay, A General's Life (1983). Bradley's second autobiography, often bitter, always revealing.

Calvocoressi, Peter, et al., Total War (revised edition, 1989). A deep, literate look by a team of Britons at the entire war.

Cawthon, Charls, "D-Day: What It Meant," in American Heritage, April/May 1994. A historian argues persuasively that D-Day proved decisive long after war's end.

Chalfont, Alun, Montgomery of Alamein (1976). A brief and tart biography by a British historian, with special attention to personalities and their impact on coalition warfare.

Churchill, Winston S., Closing the Ring (1951) and Triumph and Tragedy (1953). Readers can almost hear Churchill's eloquent frustration at having Overlord override his Mediterranean approach to defeating Germany.

D-Day Museum, Portsmouth, D-Day (undated). Among other things, this slick booklet offers photos of D-Day's leaders, weaponry - even its shoulder patches.

D'Este, Carlo, Decision in Normandy (1983). This American historian takes Montgomery to task, severely.

Drez, Ronald J. (editor), Voices of D-Day (1994). Snippets of oral history from those who there on June 6, 1944.

Dupuy, R.E., and Dupuy, T.N., The Encyclopedia of Military History (1977). D-Day in context, with World War II and with the entire history of war.

Dupuy, T.N., A Genius for War (1977). Why was the German army so damned good? Mostly leadership, says this American military historian.

Eisenhower Foundation, D-Day: The Normandy Invasion in Retrospect (1971). Essays by various experts take the long-range look at such topics as logistics. …

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