Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


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WORLD GERMANY Troops Of 3 Allies Stage Their Last Joint Parade

More than 75,000 people lined the streets of Berlin Saturday to applaud the last joint parade of U.S., British and French troops in the formerly divided city.

People waved Allied and German flags and cheered as the three countries' units passed in review with bands blaring.

"During the past 50 years you and your comrades have been in the front line of the defense," Mayor Eberhard Diepgen said.

Although Russian troops, who are leaving eastern Germany this summer, wanted to be part of the joint parade to show their role in defeating Nazi Germany, the Russian farewells are being kept separate in a final gesture of the Cold War. AP RWANDA At Last, U.N. Succeeds In Extricating Refugees

After a week of frustrated attempts to get refugees out of harm's way, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda had some success Saturday.

Four U.N. convoys safely shipped more than 700 fearful refugees out of rebel-besieged Kigali, whose guns had fallen unusually silent to accommodate the mission. There wasn't a total cease-fire but enough of a letup in shelling and gunfire to get the job done.

Once delivered to sanctuary east and west of the capital, the refugees piled out of the white buses, minivans and four-ton trucks, embraced in reunion with loved ones, and thanked the U.N. for their lives. AP HAITI Journalists Are Banned From Dominican Border

The army-backed Haitian government banned journalists and other observers from sensitive areas, and a U.S. official condemned the move Saturday as an attempt at intimidation.

The border with the Dominican Republic, territorial waters and state broadcasting installations were declared off-limits under the decree late Friday by provisional President Emile Jonassaint. …

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