Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Dancers Plan Party for Jailed Clogger for Jailed Speeder

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Dancers Plan Party for Jailed Clogger for Jailed Speeder

Article excerpt

SOME people want to throw Scott C. Miller back in jail. The rest want to throw him a party.

So far, it looks like Scott will be going to the party.

There will be a Scott Miller benefit this Friday. More about that later.

Scott is the clog-dancer who got caught in the Rock Hill speed trap. My column on the man stepped on a lot of toes.

Scott, a poor but proud delivery person, was stopped going 45 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone in the 9200 block of Manchester. Rock Hill makes some fast money off its speeders - more than $200,000 a year.

Scott believed the speed limit was unnaturally low. He told the court what he thought of Rock Hill, which wasn't much. He said it preyed on the working poor and corrupted the justice system.

Rock Hill Judge Mark Levitt was not impressed with Scott's arguments. He fined him $64. Scott made his check out to "Those Bloodsucking Thieves."

For that, the judge sentenced him to three days in the slammer.

Scott only spent one night. He passed the time doing Appalachian clog dancing. Remember that. It's important.

Now Rock Hill residents would like to stomp Scott and me. This letter from Kit Ackerman is typical:

"As a resident of Rock Hill - more importantly, as a resident of a country that stands for freedom, I took great offense to your article," it began.

It ends with this defense of ticket-writing police:

"They do it out of necessity - for us - to protect us. Respect them. And the next time you come through Rock Hill, stop and thank that officer. He did you a big favor."

He certainly did the tax payers of Rock Hill a favor. The Post-Dispatch estimates more than 12 percent of the city budget comes from speeding tickets.

Rock Hill may be happy with that figure. But a lot of drivers aren't. One woman, who was ticketed in Rock Hill on her way home from a 15-hour workday, called for drivers to boycott Rock Hill merchants until the speed limit is raised.

"Money is the only language those people understand," she said.

Of course, Rock Hill does have its supporters. This man, now living in Jefferson City, defended the city. I'm sure Rock Hill will be pleased with supporters like this one:

"I am utterly disgusted with you for having to stoop to this kind of drivel to fill your space," he said. …

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